Becky's Own Movies: Accident in Her Jeans (WMV)

Becky's Own Movies: Accident in Her Jeans (WMV)
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7 mins 48 secs - 83.7 MB - Standard Definition

Becky LeSabre spends the day at the horse farm getting dirty and sweaty in her jeans and tank top. She has to pee but can't hold it and has an accident standing on the wash rack area. She soaks her jeans then pulls them partially down to show the stream of urine as it shoots from her pussy. Bad Bad girl! Lots of close ups too. She is hot, sweaty and now has urine all over her. She decides to cool off and clean up by stripping naked and using a water hose to shower off. She rinses her hair and body with the hard spray of the hose standing in the barn. Sexy, Seductive, Sensual!